Yet Another Gift from the Equinox Bunny

We have a final gift for all the Self-Isolated coming up tomorrow. “The Ren Faire at the End of the World”, book three of “Arcanum Faire, will be available for 99 cents tomorrow.  See the spectacle of the ultimate battle between Good & Evil as fought by ren faire performers & reanimated roadkill. It will go up to $1.99 on the 5th, and full price on the 9th.


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Multiple Happy Endings Do Not Make an HEA

That is what I discovered the difference between an Urban Fantasy with romance/sex and a true Paranormal Romance. The PR has to have a Happily Ever After. In Arcanum Faire, I just make sure that multiple characters get their Happy Endings. Not in enough graphic detail for some, too much for others. The same hit and miss with power tool content, horrific images, and Eleazar’s humor.

I’d like to think I give all my readers a little bit of something besides a frisson of disgust.

As of March 26th, I am giving you “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove” on the cheap. Following the example of the first book of the series, ebook two will be available for 99 cents until March 29th. At that point, it will go up to $1.99 and then go up to full price on April 2.

If you enjoyed the first book, this will give you a chance to continue the series. If you didn’t like the book, I don’t know what to say.

Be safe and sequestered out there.


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Chemo Brain

After nearly three months of chemotherapy, my mind has snapped. A series of annoying side effects, not nearly as devastating as the ones I’d heard of in my youth, nevertheless stacked upon each other to be a monumental Pain in the Ass. Because of the Malignant Pain in my Ass.

So I wrote a song:



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Happy Ostara

Happy Ostara

The nights are getting shorter.

The days are getting warmer.

When everything changes, some of those changes will be for the good.

Image result for ostara 2020

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A Gift from the Equinox Bunny

Before we get down to business, a little dark comedy:

In July, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I have never approved of surprise butt stuff.

by early December, the initial course of chemo and radiation apparently did in Tommy the Tumor. In spite of the complete absence of cancer cells, my surgeon still wanted to gut me like a fish and give me a permanent colostomy. We found an option of surveillance and bonus chemotherapy as a follow-up.

Two months into chemo, say the end of February, the world is struck by a pandemic at a level not seen for a century. I’m told I shouldn’t worry because it is only lethal if your are elderly (I am 61), if you have severe allergies and asthma (present) or you have a compromised immune system (remember the bonus chemo?). A man who still sounds like a fifth-grader is steering us through these anxious times.

Near future: I have finished my chemo and white blood cell shots with only moderate side effects. Coronavirus hasn’t killed me. My lovely wife and I hold hands as we look up at the stars. “That bright star up there, does that look like an incoming asteroid?”


Since I cannot pass out virtual Easter candy to all the folk sequestered for the duration, I set up a Kindle Discount Countdown for all three of my wonderfully Wiccan Arcanum Faire ebooks. Consider it a gift from the Equinox Bunny.

Camp Arcanum will be available for 99 cents on March 19. On the 22nd, the price creeps up to $1.99. It returns to the normal price of $2.99 on March 26th. The second book, Power Tools in the Sacred Grove, starts its discount cycle that day.  The Ren Faire at the End of the World, the final book, is discounted to 99 cents on April 2. Keep an eye out for future reminders on these.

Why am I doing this? My books need good homes, and lots of people need reading material for the next few weeks. I’m just sorry that ebook can’t double for toilet paper if you don’t like them.

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Fear Itself

We are all in a pretty fearful position on this planet. Plague strides across the face of the Earth like it’s in a footrace with War, Pollution, and Ignorance to cover the most territory. Stock markets falter and Dollar Tree can’t keep toilet paper on the shelves.

There is no magick formula for defeating fear. It is something that must be faced in every heart. Realize that almost all of us, Warriors of Every Stripe, are bred to fear from the moment we can walk. Mommy or Daddy won’t love us if we make noise in the restaurant or a mess in the living room. Our friends won’t love us if we have the cheap sneakers or facial breakouts. Someone might kill us for who we truly love or our gender beneath our skin.

My greatest gift on that front was my cancer diagnosis. I had had a skin biopsy a few years before of a precancerous mass that had my brain swirling for months afterwards at the lethal possibilities. The next one might slip by and and get me, metastasize to all my vital organs, kill me like my mother and her father before her.  Then, I got my colonoscopy out of a sudden rush of self-care and responsibility. My wife and I got the bad news while I was still loguey from the anesthetic.

From that moment on, I was gifted with momentum and focus. Doctors were lined up and consulted. Arrangements with my job were made so I could take chemo and have my radiation treatments on my extended lunch break. Support was lined up for every eventuality.

My last evaluation at work before I went on leave, my supervisor told me” “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you seem happier with cancer.” She was right.

My petty concerns had fallen away. I no longer cared who liked me at work, or what drama might be stirring with my siblings. It didn’t matter if my books weren’t selling, and if that meant I would be forgotten after death. All that would sort it self out with only minor interventions from myself.

A cancerous tumor in my rectum was chewing its way through my colon wall to get to my lymph nodes. That sort of behavior is not allowed in allowed in polite gastrointestinal tracts. More pages could be written about the epic battle in my butt, but the important point was that I focused on killing Tommy the Tumor, not what I feared he and the treatment could do to me. That’s how I’ve been getting through this prolonged annoyance without a meltdown or a drinking problem.

My only advice for our situation now is put some time into filtering fear from need. Know the facts of this situation. COVID-19 is a new, aggressive respiratory virus that has spread far further than SARS, MERS, or Ebola. It is less lethal than the flu, but it seems to have reached true pandemic proportions, so the number of infections and deaths will be higher. In the initial epicenter of Wuhan, word is that new infections are dropping and patients are recovering. There is hope that this will end without becoming the Apocalypse.

The immediate government and business responses have an effect on the outbreak, but produce economic side effects just as fearful. In trying to game all the effects without having all the facts, governments and media have created a world-choking cloud of fear.

Fan through this cloud and find what you truly need. You may be expecting to stay home for a while to help slow the spread of infection. Extra toilet paper and supplies are good, but leave some for the next guy. I have plenty of old manuscripts, just in case. If you get sick, call your doctor or closest ER to consult first. Simply rushing down to ER for a test will recreate scenes from Soylent Green, and nobody wants to watch that one again.


You, or someone you love, will be affected by the chaos.  Schools are closing, daycare will be overwhelmed, megalithic businesses will attempt to turn on a dime. The gig economy will temporarily collapse as large events are postponed and caterers, clubs, drivers, and various scutpuppies are no longer needed. This is when you will need your own focus and momentum. Reach out and network with friends hit hardest. Sell, gift, and barter your way through the tight spots. Form support circles, but call them Stitch & Bitches, potlucks, or Magick Circles for Prosperity. Prepare for more casseroles than the aftermath of a Southern funeral. Whatever light you can cast on the shadow of fear that hangs over us all.

There are a lot of awful things out there right now, but the fear will paralyze you and leave you to be eaten alive. Just like some giant mutant wasp for a Syfy original movie.

Weirdmaste, Warriors of Every Stripe.

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Exit Through Gift Shop

One great thing the Disney enterprise discovered is their method of monetizing experience. Every exhibit, ride, Hell half of restrooms exit through a gift shop. The happy family still have their heads buzzing with whatever Disney presentation that has bombarded them. Their hearts are light, as is their grip on their money. Happy people go home with mouse ears, t-shirts, enameled pins, and coffee table books. Disney Corp collects enough money to buy another entertainment franchise or a small foreign country.

Everybody’s happy.

Now, I am no Walt Disney, but I have written some really fun books. When I got the rights back to them early last year, I commissioned new covers from an artist friend of mine, Seth Lyons. The covers are excellent and capture the quirky nature of the stories far more than the foreboding, horror-oriented images of the original edition. I paid him handsomely and secured all rights to the images.

Once again, everybody’s happy.

You can’t just leave images like that languishing on the covers of trade paperbacks. They need a new exciting life as t-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs, and slivovic’ flasks. Don’t consider this greed as much as a way to provide an extremely small enterprise an income flow while providing fans tangible reminders of the experience they got from my books. Consider the reprints and ancillary merchandising as a retirement plan for my twilight years. That could be next Tuesday, if I don’t watch myself.

Everybody’s happy, right?

If you like my books, and you like the art, consider stopping over to the “My Store” page and link over to the Cafe Press shop I have started. There are even “Squirrel in a Blender” bumper stickers for fans of “Squirrel Apocalypse”. Take a look and shop carefully.

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A Quick Polyfil Announcement:

For those of you following my exchange of strongly worded letters with cancer, it seems this week that a third party is coming out ahead. My chemotherapy, which is supposed to be on MY side, has knocked my neutrophils down to a critical level.

Despite what it sounds like, neutrophils are not a combination nutritional supplement and pillow stuffing. They are the white blood cells in your body, and without them pretty much any infection can take you out. My doctor refuses to let me be killed by Athletes Foot, so my chemo treatment is postponed for another week.

Yes, I failed my blood test in spite of cramming all week for it.  I will continue to cram kale, broccoli, and other immune-friendly foods down my throat and wash them down with V8 vegetables cross-dressing as fruit juice. I’ll even try this green semi-fluid that reminds me of my days as a tech in an EPA approved sewage lab. I want this process done.

It is very disappointing as I feel good physically and emotionally. I even wrote a bit of cancer comedy that was very well received in the infusion room.

So, Warriors of Every Stripe, look both ways when crossing the Information Superhighway, be kind to each other, and try to always boost your Polyfils.

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Happy Leap Day!

Still in the middle of chemo and the tank’s a little dry.

So, just reminding you that this day comes only once every four years. So your social media will ignore what you did today for another three years. Make a leap today out of your comfort zone. I won’t tell anybody.

“This calls for a truly stupid act!” battle cry of Chameleon, leader of the Fighting Lizards.

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Economical Squirrels

Readers definitely get tired of hearing indie authors shouting “Buy my book!”.  “Buy my book CHEAP!” is a slightly different story.

Thanx to the people at Hydra Publications, the ebook of “Squirrel Apocalypse” will be available for 99 cents from today through Feb. 23. You can stuff your Kindle with marijuana, gang violence, & GMO killer squirrels. What more do you need for the Presidents Day Weekend?

As always, remember to review if you like it. If you don’t like it, pretend it never happened. Link below:

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