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“Itsey Bitsey Spider” 1950’s Science Fiction Version

It’s been a while since we’ve done a silly song, so here we go:

Itsey Bitsey Spider
crawled on the testing ground.
Out came the nuke
and knocked the spider down.
Along came the rains
and washed the rads away…

and the Itsey Bitsey Spider

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The Real Barney Song

For years, I have written silly songs.  This one is included in my up-coming novel “Camp Arcanum” where the hero goes out into the woods with a chainsaw in one hand and a stuffed Barney doll in the other.  He sings:

You love me,

I sell toys.

Make big bucks off girls and boys.

With the backpacks, lunchbox and the videos

I get ten per cent of gross.

And then he drops a tree on the purple dinosaur.

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