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A Quick Thank You

I would like to say a sincere “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart, and the heart of my bottom, for all the Birthday Wishes yesterday and the prayers, healing vibrations, and hamster sacrifices offered up for my fight with cancer. Having grown up as a bit of a professional New Kid in School and Authentic Whacko, I have always felt outside of every group I’ve encountered. Thank you for proving me wrong.

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Blessed Samhain

It’s come to be that time of year again. The harvests are in, the summer has died. Samhain Night, All Souls’ E’en, is the time when the veil between the worlds is low. Remember those who have passed, trusting they still love as much as when we knew them and learned more than we can ever know. Hold on to those you still have and watch for tricksters in the night. Blessed be.

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A visit to Arcanum

Tomorrow I will be at Arcanum for Old Fashioned Days, selling my books and trying to stay out of trouble. There will be food trucks, chainsaw sculpting, youth groups, and most likely, beer.  Come visit me. I’ll be down one of the side streets… lurking.

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Happy Vernal Equinox

Happy Vernal Equinox everyone. This is the first day of Spring, the beginning of the work week, the onset of our later lives. With some helpful changes in our home life and changes in my medication and supplement regimen, I hope to opening up a happier, more productive period of my life.

The twenty-second anniversary of my daughter’s death is also coming up this week. Hard to have much to say in that context that isn’t like opening a vein. And I’ve made promises that I would not be opening any veins in the foreseeable future.

Move forward, look back, take your vitamins.

Smell the flowers for me.

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All Souls Night

For the past month, we have been overwhelmed with the business of costumes and make-up and scary movies. It’s easy to forget that this isn’t just Halloween, but Samhain, the night when the walls are low between worlds. Take a moment to think of ancestors and dearly departed tonight as they might be right at your sides.


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Book Launch Party for my Second Novel TOMORROW!

Though the official release date is still May 19th, we are hosting a book release party for “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove” between 4 and 7 pm at The Alley tomorrow. We sill have cake, unspecified beverages, and chocolate undead bunnies. I will read from the book around 5:15 pm and copies will be available for sale and signing.

The sequel to “Camp Arcanum” continues the horror/comedy of sex, magick, and power tools. After only a few weeks in Arcanum Ohio, Marc Sindri finds himself in love with Brenwyn the witch; hospitalized by Jeremiah Stone’s sex-conjured demon; and woefully behind in his construction deadlines to open the new renaissance faire by May first. Moving in with Brenwyn for protection from further supernatural attacks during his rehabilitation, Marc delegates the work on Arcanum Faire to his minions, Eleazar the ren faire libertine and Michael the overwrought artisan.

The path to the faire’s opening day is not smooth, obstructed by invisible tentacle demons, undead skinless bunnies, interference from OSHA and even the Vatican, but Marc slowly recovers. With luck, he will soon be healthy enough to lift a chainsaw or survive sex. Through a vegan Thanksgiving, a tool-bedecked Christmas, and lovers’ spats with a woman that can throw lightning bolts, Marc makes his way mostly unscathed.

If only his semi-erotic dream about hedgetrimmers and a sacred grove didn’t end up leaking into Brenwyn’s sleeping mind.

“Power Tools in the Sacred Grove” is published by Post Mortem Press and will be available in ebook and trade paperbacks. The event will be at 3502 W Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus OH 43235

Power Tools cover

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Bodies in the Trunk

Having been involved in special effects and haunts for many years, we in the Matulich household have always been concerned with how many dead bodies can be stuffed into the trunks of our cars. I started off with an ’88 Lincoln Town Car, mostly held together with duct tape, which could hold the equivalent of at least four dead bodies. I have since moved up to an HHR which lets me stack cadavers like cordwood as long as the outrigger mirrors are clear. My wife Kit has a Dodge Charger. Its trunk can hold probably three dead bodies, more when the back seats are laid down.

I’ve had two dead body stories relating to her car in the last few weeks. I had to commute between two conventions last weekend in Cincinnati. My wife had a Victorian clothing talk at Millenicon while I had a book-signing stint at Horror-Hound five miles away. Once I made it to the Horror Hound hotel, I checked the trunk to discover the stackable plastic torsos my wife wanted for displaying her historical garb. I was disappointed that the ghouls and zombies surrounding me were not at all bothered by telling Kit over the phone that her bodies were still in the trunk.

The week after that, Kit was able to make a major purchase of rabbit suits for our costume shop. She called me on the way back from the warehouse, gleeful at the spectacle her car must be for passing drivers. The back seat was filled with a half-dozen grinning bunny heads. The detached fluffy bodies?

They were in the trunk.

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 970 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 16 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Halloween Season for a Horror Guy

Got up at six am. with the urging of my black cat, who desperately needed fed before imploding. After the proper rituals to appease the Cat Gods, I settled down at the laptop to check my emails and Facebook. My slow, grinding campaign to get Camp Arcanum reviewed garnered me three responses this morning out of perhaps three dozen queries. Not all of those were positive, but the statistics are still better than those for my days of dating.

I got onto Facebook and found that the Wicked Library had just posted their latest Halloween Special which included one of my flas fictions stories “Head Full of Worms.” I then and there listened to the podcast and enjoyed it immensely. You can catch it here:

Nelson and Maddie knocked out of the park again.

Yesterday, had been an early day. We hosted Dana Turtle from Good Day Columbus at The Alley, spending three or four hours playing dress-up and broadcasting inserts for the morning show. Both Dana and his cameraman Edwin were fun and the dynamic between the two characters has me inspired for future stories.

Unfortunately, we will not be putting up our Halloween castle again this year. The last two years, the weather has been too bad to be leaving large expanses of sail-like plywood in the front yard to catch the winds. This year it is simply a matter of time. Both Kit and I have been spending every spare minute at our costume shop; we will not even be done with the last customer before trick-or-treating closes down tonight. But we will be giving out candy to kids and grown-ups alike tonight and doing some make-up work for our patrons besides. Not a bad way to celebrate Halloween.

Of course, we will have a few offerings set out for our dear departed tonight when the veil is thin. For a change, Kit picked up some Gack, one of Alyssa’s favorite things for play therapy. Probably a few shots of Scotch or gin for my parents, and a Smorgasbord for the Dead set out on our mantle for everyone else on Kit’s side.

So, Happy Samhain to all today whether you see it as a time for costumes and dress-up, or a time of monsters and mayhem, or the night when the veil between worlds lifts enough for loved ones to brush by for a visit.

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