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And there was great rejoicing.

Slowed by pneumonia, lung issues, family issues, cowardice, and sloth, I have finally finished the third book of the Arcanum Faire Trilogy.  Two years after the release of the second book, and maybe two and a half decades after the original conception, seems like a long time. In the words of the great Ian Malcolm: “Must write faster!”

Or something like that.

Book Three has all the sex, magick, and power tools of its predecessors with additional miraculous healings, shovel-wielding, Bobcat wheeling, brightly colored pike tercios, jousters, meat puppets, a dead black chicken, and two raging queens. Of course, I will do some truly terrible things to Eleazar and his beloved Toolcat Theodora.

Naturally, neither Marc Sindri or Brenwyn come out of this unscathed.

Anyway, in spite of my concerns of it actually being too long, the manuscript has come in under four-hundred pages with room to cut out more if absolutely necessary. It is off to my beta/gamma reader and a final sweep before sending it off to my publisher, Post Mortem Press.  My working title has been “The Beltane Faire”, but that is a limp and nondescriptive title compare to “Camp Arcanum” and “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove.” I may use “The Ren Faire at the End of the World” if we can fit all of that on the cover. Any better suggestions will be appreciated and stolen.

Watch this space for further developments.

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October Surprise

Yesterday was a very good day for me on a literary scale. I found that Kristin Dreyer Kramer had released her review of my second book “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove” yesterday on Lakeshore Public Radio. It was very pleasant to hear her take on my work, even when she pointed out the weakness of it being a transitional middle book, which it is. Just wait until you see what happens in “The Ren Faire at the End of the World” when it comes out next year. No laid-back, transitional there, I promise you.

Anyway, it was very nice to hear, very nice to learn that it is broadcast in Indiana, also. The segment will broadcast on my Columbus local NPR station WCBE Monday evening at 8pm. I’ll save any links until then.

I also found yesterday that I will be a panelist at World Fantasy here over the Halloween weekend. I will be speaking on the panel about Masks in Fantasy Thursday afternoon, and I will have a reading from my WIP RFEW on Friday morning at 10:30 am. All times, I’m sure, will be up for last minute changes. Terry-Linn Smiles and I will be sharing a table in the Dealers Room, so you should be able to catch me and my Arcanum Faire books there throughout the convention.

Last but not least, this weekend will be my first appearance at Imaginarum in Louisville KY. I will be doing panels on writing RPGs, scripts, and Steampunk in general. Unsure if I got a signing slot or not this weekend, but I or my books will be at the Post Mortem Press table in the Dealers Room on a regular basis.

So, Goodbye, thanks for all the literary love and remember to register to vote. Your ballot will be the one to save us from mandatory Federal Spray-Tanning.


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ICBM: Intercontinental Bibliophilic Missile.

This week a dear friend flew in from Japan and I was able to put my two books in her hands. Once she gets home, that will be four continents where I will have a literary presence, as sparse as it may be.

You don’t have to fly twenty-five hours to get my books. In fact, if you live in Southern Ohio, I will be coming to you. Friday evening, I will be at the Grand Opening of Keystone Books & Gifts in Circleville, between 6 and 7 p.m.. Come down and you will be able to see the sights before all the pumpkin tourists arrive.


Saturday, the good Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise, I will be with my publisher Eric Beebe and other members of the Post Mortem Press Cadre to sell and sign books. Our own if we can, or forge others if we have to. My friend Seth Lyons will be there and this event is billed as Stan Lee’s last appearance ever. Join the fun, this will be my third year in a row.


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Terrible Things I Will Do in Your Name— or With It.

There is very little I won’t do for the success of my books, or to send my publisher Eric Beebe far, far away. To expand the diabolical reach of Post Mortem Press, we’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign to finance the Press the Flesh: Coast to Coast book tour. Premiums offered include autographed copies of “44 Lies by 22 Liars”, which contains three of my flash fiction pieces, your favorite PMP trade paperbacks, hardback copies of classics “Shrieks and Shivers” and “Rabbits in the Garden.” The ultimate prize is books, lunch, and tee-shirts and a free meal with Our Publisher and the authors available.

My favorite choice is the naming rights for characters in upcoming novels. Jessica McHugh will name two characters in “Hares in the Hedgerow”, her sequel to “Rabbits in the Garden”, after donors to our campaign. I have set aside two character in my next Arcanum Faire novel, the sequel to “Camp Arcanum” and “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove.” Jessica still has one character available. I had a character that had been giving me fits because I couldn’t find an adequate name for her, and the donor’s suggestion proved to be perfect. I can hardly wait to see what happens with our remaining slots.

Check it all out at the link below. It remains open for another seven days,


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Book Signing at Karen’s Book Barn

Next Saturday, I will be making a road trip south to LaGrange KY. With C. Bryan Brown and our publisher Eric Beebe, we will be signing books filled with vampires, witches, detectives, and undead skinless bunnies. Look for us at 2 pm, Chris with “They Are Among Us,” and me with “Camp Arcanum” and “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove.”

You can check out the Facebook event here for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1670163616604021/

Or simply contact

Karen’s Book Barn

127 East Main Street

LaGrange, KY 40031



Thank you Gary Knapp for such a wonderful shot.

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A special offer from Post Mortem Press

I don’t usually shout “Buy my book!” but my publisher has set up a special offer to introduce you to my “Arcanum Faire” series. You can get both “Camp Arcanum” and “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove” for only $4.99. Click on over and check it out. Enjoy, and watch out for reanimated roadkill on the information superhighway.


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Out Standing in my Field (summer author events)

I must apologize to those who have been following me in my blog. Things have been exciting in my real life, which produce some interesting topics for blog posts, and I have not been able to write more than my minimum required efforts on my third Arcanum Faire novel. I will try to do better in the future.

I am going to be out in the field, meeting and greeting my fans the next few weeks. After the pre-requisite self-promotion, we’ll get back to documenting the true weirdness of the world.

This Saturday, July 11th, I will be with the Post Mortem Press folks selling & signing Camp Arcanum and Power Tools in the Sacred Grove. Expect to see me there between 11 am and 5 pm as long as the rain hasn’t gone completely horizontal nor the winds haven’t blown away the manhole covers. Check this link for event details:


Saturday, August 1st, I will be at The Alley Vintage & Costume in our Arts & Letters celebration. C. Bryan Brown, Tim McWhorter, Leslie Anderson, Matt Betts, and myself will reading, signing, meeting and greeting from noon to 5 pm. Artist Seth Lyon will lo be feued. If you’re curious, you may check out the link below. If you’re not curious, I’ll try harder:


Thursday August 6th, I will be hosted by the biggest and best bookstore in Central Ohio, the Book Loft. I will be in the garden, barring monsoon conditions, from 6 pm to 8 pm where I will be signing, reading and perhaps breaking out my juggling balls. The required Facebook event lurks just below:


I may wedge more events from PMP’s Press the Flesh tour into the next few months. You all will be the second to know.

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Authorial Bilocation

As a typical denizen of the twenty-first century, I am often expected to be two or more places at the same time. Today is one of those days.

I get my first chance to appear as an author at the Westerville Public Library’s Local Author Event, along with forty-nine other local writers. I will be there with “Camp Arcanum” and “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove”, my latest installment in the on-going comedy of sex, magick, and power tools. I have packed up my books and postcards and bookmarks and other assorted author table trappings. I am doing some serious debate in my head weather I should bring my were-baby as a conversation starter or my travel-sized shovel on a guitar stand.

The were-baby is the cutest, most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a coon’s age, but the shovel may prove useful if anyone comes up upon my table intent on making mayhem with a volume of the OED.

Decisions, decisions.

Today is also the Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Chicago. My publisher Post Mortem Press will have a table there, staffed by the Beebe’s, Cina Pelayo, Chris Larsen and Mike Matula. Kit and I attended last year, selling quite well, but it involved a three state trek that thanks to our GPS personally introduced us to every sheep, cow and windmill for five hundred miles. For those in the Illinois area, feel free to stop in, say “hi” to my literary compatriots, and buy my books.

I will be there in spirit as I sit in an Ohio library armed with either a spade or a hairball.

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The Black James Bond

Appropos of nothing, my random thought on Indris Elba as James Bond. I have always congregated with the oddballs and the underdogs, one of the reasons I like Post Mortem Press so much. My early teen years were spent in Sacramento, which is not really California, but Columbus Ohio with palm trees and camellias. It was a vast sea of unrelenting whiteness with only a bit of Latino and Asian flavoring back in the early seventies.There were only two black kids in my school so we hung together for lunch. One of the two guys, I kid you not, was James Bond.

So, for me, James Bond can be any color he wants to be, as long as he has the fast car and the Walther.

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What Shall I Do at Book Signings?

Though I have been writing since I tried my own hand at a monster movie at the age of seven, illustrated in crayon, it is only this year that I have had the opportunity to do book events as a real Novelist. I have been doing festivals and children’s parties for decades as a mime and balloon delivery guy, but I’m looking for activities in my skillset that would be appropriate for my reputation as an author and my book.


Well, duh… This is obviously the main component of any book signing event, but WHAT should I sign? I have in the past personalized signatures for the customer, like the woman who showed at the Post Mortem Press table adorned with a brooch made of a bat’s skeleton torso. I signed her book: To the lady with the lovely ribcage. I would like to have a catchphrase appropriate to Camp Arcanum like “Beware the undead, skinless bunnies.” or “Wishing you sex, magick, and chainsaws.”, but even I have trouble signing that with confidence.


I have learned to do public readings from my book, I just have to be careful with selection. If there is any chance of children over-hearing, I don’t pick the chapter with the bi-sexual sex magick ritual or the unfortunate spatter demise of a raccoon. I also try to put the excerpt close enough to the front of the book to give away too many spoilers.


In my mime and renaissance faire days, I did a fair amount of juggling, and that is reflected in my ren faire performer Eleazar in Camp Arcanum. While I am not as proficient in manipulating assorted objects as my Eleazar-consultant Stuart Sisk, I can keep three lacrosse balls in the air. One just needs to check ahead of time that the venue owner doesn’t mind my playing with my balls in their location (Com on, you all were thinking that!)


Who doesn’t love balloon animals. I can do the simpler ones, but to accurately depict undead, skinless bunnies I would have to smear them with KY jelly to give them the proper feel of slimy decomposition.


As a mime and a make-up artist, I’ve done a TON of facepainting. Kids love getting bright intricate colorful designs put on their bright, little faces. I’m just not sure how Mom and Dad will feel about pentacles and inverted Kabbalistic Tree of Life designs.


I learned to use a chainsaw to cut down trees while growing up in Tennessee. There aren’t many trees to harvest in bookstores and the authorities don’t like it when you take down trees from parks. I could apply my sculpting skills to carving crude wooden bears or even cruder self-portraits from telephone poles.  The sound, smell, and sawdust might be a little off-putting, but come on. There’s a chainsaw on the cover of my book, we need to do SOMETHING. Maybe chainsaw juggling?

I am sure there are plenty of creative activities I missed, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.


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