The Beltane Faire

Happy Beltane!

The Arcanum Faire trilogy started as a screenplay. Once it hit two-hundred and fifty pages with the story still going strong, I realized it was a novel. I set to novelizing my own work, but quickly realized I had more than one on hand. So, I decided to split it in two. The first half being “Camp Arcanum”, the second “The Beltane Faire”.

As a careful outliner and plotter, I suck.

Arcanum Faire finally wound up as “Camp Arcanum”, “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove”, and “The Ren Faire at the End of the World.” The last came out about the same time as “The Cabin at the End of the World”. I had nothing to do with that. All the titles prove is that we both read a lott of Douglas Adams in our youth.

Beltane is a big deal in the Arcanum Faire. It is opening day for a renaissance faire in a town steeped in all flavors of magick and co-owned by witches. I won’t spoil how bad Opening Day is for Arcanum Faire, but I can tell you that almost every tarot reading for the previous five months included The Tower.

Set yourself a small bonfire in the fire pit, find yourself something potent to drink, maybe read how bad things can get with witches, primordial demons, and cold iron hand tools . If you wind up feeling frisky, just be careful. The English names Wilson (Will’s Son), Jackson (Jack of the Green’s Son), and Robinson (Robin Hood’s Son) were hung on many a fatherless boy by a women who engaged in May Day shenanigans with masked and unknown revelers.

Oh, and “hi” to the Communists, too!


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