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Exit Through Gift Shop

One great thing the Disney enterprise discovered is their method of monetizing experience. Every exhibit, ride, Hell half of restrooms exit through a gift shop. The happy family still have their heads buzzing with whatever Disney presentation that has bombarded them. Their hearts are light, as is their grip on their money. Happy people go home with mouse ears, t-shirts, enameled pins, and coffee table books. Disney Corp collects enough money to buy another entertainment franchise or a small foreign country.

Everybody’s happy.

Now, I am no Walt Disney, but I have written some really fun books. When I got the rights back to them early last year, I commissioned new covers from an artist friend of mine, Seth Lyons. The covers are excellent and capture the quirky nature of the stories far more than the foreboding, horror-oriented images of the original edition. I paid him handsomely and secured all rights to the images.

Once again, everybody’s happy.

You can’t just leave images like that languishing on the covers of trade paperbacks. They need a new exciting life as t-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs, and slivovic’ flasks. Don’t consider this greed as much as a way to provide an extremely small enterprise an income flow while providing fans tangible reminders of the experience they got from my books. Consider the reprints and ancillary merchandising as a retirement plan for my twilight years. That could be next Tuesday, if I don’t watch myself.

Everybody’s happy, right?

If you like my books, and you like the art, consider stopping over to the “My Store” page and link over to the Cafe Press shop I have started. There are even “Squirrel in a Blender” bumper stickers for fans of “Squirrel Apocalypse”. Take a look and shop carefully.

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Back to the Ren Faire

It has been a while since the Arcanum Faire books have been available. February of this year, they went out of print.  A few months after that Post Mortem Press, which had published them, went on indefinite hiatus due to the health of the publisher.

I got a local comic artist named Seth Lyons to do new covers and graphic elements. I had the advantage of the five years experience while Camp Arcanum was available to fine-tune things. The original covers were too creepy. Good but creepy. Readers who’d appreciate the humor and lunacy of the stories were frightened off. Those who like chainsaws, pentacles, and spooky old barns felt cheated.

So, the new iteration of Arcanum Faire is exactly what it says on the tin.

Here are the new covers for the first two books. Number three is in the pipeline. If you are intrigued, there are links to the Amazon pages to purchase. If not, we still have Paris.









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Back from Limbo

There are few things more neuroses-affirming for a writer than having no books to sell. Except, of course, for everything else about a writer’s life. I have finally remedied that problem.

I have books to sell.

The rights to my Arcanum Faire trilogy reverted from Post Mortem Press in Feburary. After a thorough reformatting and error scouring (Toolcat 5600s do not actually have six wheels), my first book “Camp Arcanum” is back online. It has a colorful and energetic cover produced by the comic artist Seth Lyons. I can’t do much about the words underneath it.

The navigation through the KDP publishing system was a bit more involved than I expected. No-one died, though. Both the e-book and the trade paperback versions are live. Somehow, in less than twenty-four hours, I already sold an e-book. It couldn’t have been my mother. She is in that great stained glass workshop in the sky.

Whoever it is that had such good taste, or fearless reading habits, I thank you. I invite the rest of my friends and family to pop over and check it out. See the pretty cover, check inside so you can send me a list of typos and errors.

And, if you’ve already read or reviewed the first edition, feel free to do the same for number two. Even reprints need a little love.



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Out Standing in my Field (summer author events)

I must apologize to those who have been following me in my blog. Things have been exciting in my real life, which produce some interesting topics for blog posts, and I have not been able to write more than my minimum required efforts on my third Arcanum Faire novel. I will try to do better in the future.

I am going to be out in the field, meeting and greeting my fans the next few weeks. After the pre-requisite self-promotion, we’ll get back to documenting the true weirdness of the world.

This Saturday, July 11th, I will be with the Post Mortem Press folks selling & signing Camp Arcanum and Power Tools in the Sacred Grove. Expect to see me there between 11 am and 5 pm as long as the rain hasn’t gone completely horizontal nor the winds haven’t blown away the manhole covers. Check this link for event details:


Saturday, August 1st, I will be at The Alley Vintage & Costume in our Arts & Letters celebration. C. Bryan Brown, Tim McWhorter, Leslie Anderson, Matt Betts, and myself will reading, signing, meeting and greeting from noon to 5 pm. Artist Seth Lyon will lo be feued. If you’re curious, you may check out the link below. If you’re not curious, I’ll try harder:


Thursday August 6th, I will be hosted by the biggest and best bookstore in Central Ohio, the Book Loft. I will be in the garden, barring monsoon conditions, from 6 pm to 8 pm where I will be signing, reading and perhaps breaking out my juggling balls. The required Facebook event lurks just below:


I may wedge more events from PMP’s Press the Flesh tour into the next few months. You all will be the second to know.

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