Way More Trouble Than Anyone Expected

“I used to say that I’m not worth the trouble it takes to kill me. Then, I thought that meant that I was pretty much worthless. It was only after strangers started trying to kill me that I realized I was way more trouble than anyone expected.”

Those are the first few lines of a novel I’ve put on the back burner. I may get back to it before I am no longer able to write, but the sentiment should be the motto for 2021. The Universe has been trying to kill us all over the last year or two. Wildfires, floods, & hurricanes. Riots, insurrections, & recessions. Pandemics, conspiracy theorists, & game show hosts. The My Pillow Guy being allowed into the White House.

If you are alive and reading this, Warriors of Every Stripe, you have proven yourselves to be the amazingly resilient survivors of the latest apocalypse. I salute you.

If you are dead and reading this, lay back down. You’re frightening the horses.


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