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There are some less-than-pleasant things one needs to do, even when all you really want is to lie on the couch to watch Firefly and massage your sinuses.

One part of that is the harrowing of the basement. It has been filled with fabric, costume pieces, and vintage garb for quite some. Those items sitting down there does us no good, so now we have a half-dozen bins strewn around the living room. Eventually they will be sorted, sewn, cleaned, and sold.

I also discovered that the other pages of this blog don’t include my author specific email address, nor any official link to my second novel. That too, has been corrected.

I live such an exciting life.

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No Wicked Vintage Parties

It all started with our son and the cat. Convinced that Kestrel had a secret life of catnip and carousing, my son would admonish the cat when we left the house with: “You’re in charge, Kestrel, but no wicked cat parties.”

The we opened The Alley, a vintage clothing store. At the end of each day, my wife would shut off the lights, set the alarm, and rush for the door. As she locked the doors, she would call out to the dark room filled with dresses, hats, and furs: “Good night, Alley. You did great today. No wicked vintage parties.” Usually nothing happens overnight, except for that one morning she came in to find the front window mannequins wearing just dickies.

One night this week, we got a call from the alarm company. After a mad dash to the store, we found nothing amiss. All the windows were intact, the doors were all locked. There was nothing dislodged from the walls or moving in the air currents to set off the motion sensors. It was a complete false alarm, and a mystery.

Our son began checking through the security camera footage. Our system, which is not connected to the alarms, had night vision cameras that are motion activated after hours. He found that DOZENS of times in the last few months, the cameras kicked on to record for a few minutes in the middle of the night. Nothing is visibly moving, nothing is out of place as if it had fallen and set off the motion sensors. Lots of nothing, over and over again.

Now, it could be air currents from the HVAC doing something funky in the IR range we’re just not seeing. Maybe, its movements of our rambunctious neighbors from the nail salon or the massage parlor on either side of us. The nail techs have knocked things off our walls during business hours.

Or perhaps, with our store filled to the gunwales with clothing and accessories of the deceased, there’s some residual spiritual energy attached to them that needs to bust out every now and then. Think “Heart-shaped Box.”

Whatever the rational or irrational explanation, as we looked over the multiple incidents I told my wife: “Gee honey, I think we’ve got the documentation of those Wicked Vintage Parties you’re always talking about.”

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My Horror Selfie

As a novelist and screenwriter, my favorite playground is the Venn diagram intersection of the horrific and the comedic. I find find many hilariously horrifying things coming through our vintage & costume store. When a crocodile purse with an attached baby crocodile arrived at The Alley, I knew I found the perfect prop for my Horror Selfie. You can see it by linking over to the site set up by the Horror Writers of America to promote the reading and viewing of Horror. My face and Percival the crocodile purse certainly qualify for that.


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#storyaweek tally week 6

I had hoped to catch up this week with two stories, but fell short.  More White Fluffy Death and organizing and modeling in the Steampunk Fashion Show by The Alley Vintage & Costume today.  I wore black and carried a gun axe and a serpent cane.  Big departure for me, you know.

Anyway, here is the tally.  I have already picked up an unfinished fragment to complete this week.  Maybe, I can catch up with that flash this week…


week  1: Tunnel Vision                                                     app. 450 words

week  2: Nightmare on a String                                     app. 1850 words

week  3: Ding Dong                                                          app. 275 words

week  4: Fly                                                                        app. 480 words

week  5:                 abject failure and the lamentation of broken souls

week  6: Many Returns                                                    app. 400 words

running total                  app. 3455 words

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