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Josef Matulich counts himself as having at least three and a half jobs.  He has his day job in a Large Insurance Company Call Center, helping the frontline troops from the Help Desk.  He is also the co-owner of The Alley Vintage & Costume which sells vintage from Victorian to 1980s and is only semi-haunted by the clothing’s previous owners.   He has been a free-lance writer since 17, creating plays, novels, RPGs and screenplays.  In a different creative vein, he has been a make-up artist and prop maker for theater groups, local film-makers and haunts.  In his copious free time, he endeavors to be a decent husband, father and friend, though perhaps the worst uncle in recorded history.  Wait a minute, the numbering’s off…

Catch his books of the “Arcanum Faire” series— “Camp Arcanum” , “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove”, and “The Ren Faire at the End of the World”— available on Amazon, B&N, and the trunk of his car. “Squirrel Apocalypse” was released by Hydra Publications in 2019.

see him on Twitter @JosefMatulich

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or simply reach him by email authorjosefmatulich AT gmail DOT com



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