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My first novel “Camp Arcanum” came out March 2014.


An occult comedy about sex, magick and power tools.

Marc Sindri, prankster and contractor, comes to Arcanum Ohio to build a renaissance faire in only seven months. A man with a reputation for delivering on miracles and a bad history with crazy people who believe in magical conspiracies, he soon finds himself in a small town filled with magick and intrigue. In spite of the recurring pain in the back of his head that reminds him of what happens when pretty girls smile, he gets caught up in a love triangle between Brenwyn, head of the local Wiccan coven, and Jeremiah, her demonologist ex. As Marc tries to meet his impossible deadlines, he navigates a landscape of witches, demons, power tools and undead skinless bunnies.

Witches, magick, demons, monsters, laughter and power tools. What more could anyone ask?

Dennis L. McKiernan, author of STOLEN CROWN, a novel of Mithgar

Ingenious and vivid.

Lois McMaster Bujold, multiple HUGO and NEBULA Award winning author of PALADIN OF SOULS

“Camp Arcanum” may explore a variety of different genres, but while it may sometimes catch you off guard, it never feels disjointed or unbalanced. So if you’re open to a little bit of romance and comedy mixed in with your supernatural thrills, you’ll want to pay a visit to this strange little Midwestern town.

Nights and Weekends.Com

This is the first novel by Josef Matulich, who approaches the material like he’s studied the work of Robert Bloch and Jeff Strand, seamlessly blending horror and humor into a distinctive voice of his own. Based on the ending of Camp Arcanum, it is the first in a series planned by Matulich. That’s a bad thing for a certain beguiled contractor, but it’s a very good thing for readers. 


Originally published by Post Mortem Press in 2014; self-published by the author 2019.



The sequel to “Camp Arcanum”, “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove”, came out May 2015.


The comedy of sex, magick and power tools continues . . .

After only a few weeks in Arcanum, Ohio, Marc Sindri finds himself in love with Brenwyn the witch; hospitalized by Jeremiah Stone’s sex-conjured demon; and woefully behind in his construction deadlines to open the new renaissance faire by May first. Moving in with Brenwyn for protection from further supernatural attacks during his rehabilitation, Marc delegates the work on Arcanum Faire to his minions, Eleazar the ren faire libertine and Michael the overwrought artisan.

The path to the faire’s opening day is not smooth, obstructed by invisible tentacle demons, undead skinless bunnies, interference from OSHA and even the Vatican, but Marc slowly recovers. With luck, he will soon be healthy enough to lift a chainsaw or survive sex. Through a vegan Thanksgiving, a tool-bedecked Christmas, and lovers’ spats with a woman that can throw lightning bolts, Marc makes his way mostly unscathed.

If only his semi-erotic dream about hedgetrimmers and a sacred grove didn’t end up leaking into Brenwyn’s sleeping mind.

Author Matulich continues his relentless quest for the perfect balance between cleavers and cleavage. And he successfully keeps that delicate balance between horror and horrific puns; in other words, there is no sophomore jinx here, merely sophomoric humor. 


“Power Tools in the Sacred Grove” continues the entertaining adventures of this construction crew camped out in the middle of a town full of witches and demonologists.

Nights and Weekends.Com

Originally published by Post Mortem Press 2015. Self-published by the author 2019:



Released November 28th, 2017, “The Ren Faire at the End of the World”.


The time of sex, magick, and power tools is coming to an end.

In spite of the worst legal, economic, and metaphysical efforts of Jeremiah Stone and his surviving family, it is almost opening day at Arcanum Faire.  Marc Sindri wields his shovel and noumena against all comers as the witch Brenwyn explores the concept of non-accidental sex magick. Construction workers, witches, and minions on all sides deal with all the most fearful things in Arcanum, Ohio: reanimated road-kill, raging queens, pike-wielding re-enactors, meat puppets, a Wiccan non-witch, and Eleazar’s terrifying encounter with monogamy.

And there’s always the question of the second anvil.

While unapologetically over-the-top, this supernatural tale maintains a fervent, magical pace.

Kirkus Reviews

By the time the zombie bunny shows up, it’s too late: you’re hooked. Welcome back to the Sacred Grove!

Matt Betts, author of “Odd Men Out”

Josef Matulich’s mastery of blending horror and wit shines in the third installment of the Arcanum Faire trilogy. A rollicking tale of dark magick and laugh-out-loud repartee, “The Ren Faire at the End of the World” will haunt your mind and tickle your funny bone long after you finish.

Jessica McHugh, author of “Rabbits in the Garden” and “The Green Kangaroos”

You thought your local Ren Faire kicked ass? You haven’t seen anything yet, princess. Marc and Brenwyn finish the fight against the forces driving them apart, keeping the Faire from the good people of Arcanum, and won’t let the fuzzy bunnies stay dead. Matulich delivers a thrilling conclusion to an epic trilogy.

C. Bryan Brown, author of “Necromancer” and “They Are Among Us”


Fifty-nine lies from 29 liars. Wait, what? You said 44 Lies by 22 Liars. Well, the editor’s a liar too.

It is not an insult to call an author a liar. I mean, let’s face it, fiction authors are professional liars. They get paid to tell stories. Stories that we hope are not necessarily true. However, to be fair, authors of certain genres tell stories we wish were true, I think. Romance authors and utopian science fiction authors come to mind in the “wish they were true” category. Same goes with some literary drama. But who reads literary drama for fun? Not me.

With the exception of four, I have met each one of these 30 glorious liars in person. Yes, I said 29. As the editor of this tome, I too am a liar. Besides, 59 Stories by 29 Authors doesn’t have the same zing as 44 Lies by 22 Liars.

You can’t spot any of these professional liars as they cross the street. They don’t look any different than your typical person. They have their fair share of odd haircuts, tattoos, misshapen heads and ancillary appendages, just like everyone else. Yet, they stand out in a different way. They can tell a story. In fact, they can tell stories so well that you forget you are being lied to.


Contains three of my flash fiction stories: “Stalker”, “Ukai”, and “Foot in the Door”.


Released September 26th 2019: “Squirrel Apocalypse”

Squirrel Apocalypse1

Some say the world die in fire. Some say it will be ice. Nobody ever mentioned squirrels…

Chris Day had a perfect life… when he was twelve years old. Twenty years later, he is divorced, unemployed, and desperate to get through to his twelve year daughter, Liv. He hopes his grandmother’s dairy farm in Crickson, California will be a good place to start a new life. Chris spent his boyhood summers in mischief and squirrel-launching there with his two best friends, Olivia and Rafael.

Today, the dairy farmers grow marijuana to make ends meet, and the local radio station broadcasts the movements of the DEA to help them stay one step ahead. His grandmother’s obsession with squirrels has turned to a crusade of extermination. Olivia and Rafael are still in town, but nothing like the kids he dreamed of coming back to. Liv is sneaking out of the house late at night and Grandma has a collection of squirrel torture porn and homemade explosives. Pets and livestock are disappearing at an increasing rate. You really can’t go home again, especially when it’s being eaten by GMO killer squirrels.

A dry yet funny pastiche of Science meddling with nature horror stories, “Squirrel Apocalypse” serves up a mirthful melange of marijuana, murderous mutant squirrels, Gunslinging Grannies and the Mexican Mafia with a wink and a squeak, it’s tongue held firmly in it’s blood-soaked, furry cheek!

Kirk R. Thatcher, Co Creator of, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell!


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