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The Black James Bond

Appropos of nothing, my random thought on Indris Elba as James Bond. I have always congregated with the oddballs and the underdogs, one of the reasons I like Post Mortem Press so much. My early teen years were spent in Sacramento, which is not really California, but Columbus Ohio with palm trees and camellias. It was a vast sea of unrelenting whiteness with only a bit of Latino and Asian flavoring back in the early seventies.There were only two black kids in my school so we hung together for lunch. One of the two guys, I kid you not, was James Bond.

So, for me, James Bond can be any color he wants to be, as long as he has the fast car and the Walther.

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Meet the People in my Head: Marc Sindri

It is coming up on the one-year anniversary of the publication of “Camp Arcanum” and the release of its sequel “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove” is fast approaching.  To celebrate, I would like to introduce you all to the people that have been living inside my head for the last few years. I shall use quotes directly from the book where possible, so you will see what you can find for yourselves with only a few secret hints from my knowledge. The first will be Our Hero, Marc Sindri.

Marc Sindri is a contractor who specializes in the construction and maintenance of renaissance faires, starting at clearing the land with chainsaws to building bathrooms ladies in Elizabethan gowns can use easily, he has it planned out and locked in his head. As the construction of Arcanum Faire spins out, he composes what he calls his “For Want of a Nail” mantra, a step-by step program for building and opening the faire on time. It goes something like this:

Plot the land; pull the permits.

Fill the tool barn; build the camp.

Find the men; file their papers.

Design the faire; post the plot.

Clear the paths; trim the trunks.

 And so on…

The poem runs through his mind regularly and he uses it to shift focus away from things that might divert him from his goal: distractions like severe pain, hallucinations of little monsters and naked witches dancing around a bonfire.

He is a large, well-muscled man in his late thirties. His friend and lackey Eleazar describes him at first glance as ” six-foot-three of excessive manhood clad only in his black jeans… muscles and assorted scars as he pulled on his black tee-shirt…(Eleazar) knew he couldn’t compete with washboard abs and pectoral muscles fit for a gladiator movie.” The ren faire libertine also refers to Marc as “the little black hole of social responsibility he always was” and “must have been born under a wet blanket.” Marc prefers to think of himself as hard-working, dedicated, and frequently delivering on miracles.

Marc is a fighter and he is not above head games and dirty tricks to guarantee he comes out on top. In coming to Arcanum, he discovers how truly versatile a weapon a shovel can be. Check out chapter thirteen to seen how many opponents he can take on with a shovel in his hands.

Marc describes himself this way: “I’m kind of like a chainsaw: just fine on a job site, but not something you want to cuddle with or leave around small children.” There is a human being at his core, but you have to get past the whirling steel, noise, and smoke to reach it.



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Josef Matulich, blog guest & give awayer

This week we have been busy on the publicity front. The nice people at Dread Central have arranged to publish an excerpt from Camp Arcanum and give away an autographed copy of the novel of sex, magick, and power tools complete with the special shovel and pentacle charms. You can catch that here:

I also get to do an author’s confession and electronic giveaway on I Smell Sheep, a blog near and dear to me for my son’s nickname Sheep. Those goodies are not up yet, but here is their main site:

and you thought the undead skinless bunnies were all made up…

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Happy Imbolc!

Today is Imbolc, a Celtic holiday of rebirth or light in the darkness. One of the Wiccan Sabbats, it has also been appropriated by the Catholic Church as Candlemas or St. Brigid’s Day. Most people in America know it as Groundhog’s Day.

Imbolc is a special day in “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove,” the sequel to “Camp Arcanum”. A dead man leaves a message that “the groundhog will be seeing my shadow this year.” Just something for my fans to think about while waiting for the bulletin from Punxatawney.

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