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Poem full of wind

There was a time I would go down to Bernie’s Bagel every day. I would nurse a single cup of coffee for hours and write poetry on the back of the paper place mats. I have not indulged in that kind of Bohemian lifestyle for a long time, but I did write a poem today.

Take it for what it’s worth:


If a breeze

murmurs through the trees,

does a cross wind

simply grumble?


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An Invocation of the Goddesses Who Kick Ass

When I was much younger and a different kind of silly, I wrote poetry. Succumbing to the romantic coffee-house image of the starving author, I wrote my gems on the back of Bernie’s Bagels placemats while nursing a single cup of coffee. Not much of that survives.

Thank God/Goddess.

Now, one of the central characters of my first novel Camp Arcanum is a witch and I feel compelled to dust off my poet’s laurels. Bay leaves, actually. Starhawk says in her books about modern Wicca that magick is harnessed poetry, used for the changing and focusing of consciousness.  I did my best to to come up with a few incantations that were both scholarly and evocative. To make the fall a little easier on myself, I made my mouthpiece character Brenwyn humble, even self-deprecating of her abilities.

The Invocation of the Goddesses Who Kick Ass was composed by her to gather the powers of the war goddesses and demon-slayers to oppose an opponent who summoned a demonic force the size of an apartment block. It may not be great poetry, but it might actually do the trick. If any of you out there find yourself needing to oppose a Qliphotic force older than Creation, I’d like to know if maybe this works out for you:


Sekhmet, Lioness of the Eastern Desert the One before Whom Evil Trembles, I invoke your power.

Inanna, Bringer of Sword, Plow, and Fire, I call for your gifts to smite my enemies.

Andrasta, War’s Raven, Scourge of Invaders, Patron of Queen Boudicca, guide my hand.

Durga, Born of the Light of the Triple Godhead Ten-Armed Slayer of Demons, I invoke your power.

Goddesses All—return this filth to he wh.

As I will it, so mote it be!


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