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‘Tis Me, Hanging from the Horror Tree…

I have the great honor this week to be the subject of the weekly author interview at the website Horror Tree. I was very pleased to discover that the interviewer Ruschelle Dillon took time to cyberstalk me and compose original questions just for me. So if any of you out there are curious about my previous life as a mime or a special effects artist, feel free to drop in at the link below:


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Getting shot…

I walked into our vintage and costume shop the other day, and a photographer friend of Kit’s looked at me and said:

“I want to shoot you.”

Oddly enough, that is a common occurrence. Many people want to shoot me. At least half of them are photographers. Frequently, this is a function of my costuming. Dozens have wanted to share a photo op when I was done up as Snape from Harry Potter. Many more would stop Kit and I for pictures of our garb at conventions or ren faires.

During my years as a street mime, it was a fifty/fifty split between cameras and small arms fire. Or at least, pimento loaves wielded in anger.

I don’t change my social media profile pictures as frequently as some authors I know, since I no longer have a screaming need for the world to validate my existence. It still warms my heart a bit to have women look at my face and smile, even though I know it is not from appreciation of my rugged good look, but amusement at the mustache that rides my upper lip and looks like an illo from a Dr. Suess book.

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