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A bouncy little minute…

I don’t think book trailers are absolutely necessary for a book’s success, but it is one tool in the kit. They aren’t worth the fees some production houses are asking, though. This afternoon, I created a video on my PC. Here it is. Try not to panic.


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Camp Arcanum Book Trailer

I’ve been told by those who should know that book trailers don’t make a lot of difference in sales. Only those who produce them for large sums of money seem to believe in their efficacy. But, I’ve had friends who’ve done book trailers and I wanted one of my own, so there!

Every expense has been spare. The soundtrack is royalty-free music, instead of “Witch” by The Bird and The Bee which would have required negotiations with Sony and a butt-load of money to secure rights. The images are either my own photos or stock images. All of it was compiled on Microsoft Movie Maker.

It’s a cheap thrill, but it’s mine. Enjoy.

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