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A visit to Arcanum

Tomorrow I will be at Arcanum for Old Fashioned Days, selling my books and trying to stay out of trouble. There will be food trucks, chainsaw sculpting, youth groups, and most likely, beer.  Come visit me. I’ll be down one of the side streets… lurking.

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I fell down…

At least as far as #astoryaweek, I fell down.  No story this week.  I had been keeping up a string for the first four, but things got complicated.  I will do my best to at minimum complete one flash before the end of the week, maybe two.

One news of a more cheerful note, I think I am finished with “Camp Arcanum”.  The last edits have been sent to the editor.  Bios and back cover text have been sent to the publisher.  Sunday, Kit and I made a road trip to Arcanum to take a few pictures to use for the back jacket.  It’s a lovely little town and the pictures came out well.  People who follow me on Facebook have gotten to see some of them as my new profile pictures.

That’s about all for now as I prepare to confront the White Fluffy Death set to envelope us all today.

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