Multiple Happy Endings Do Not Make an HEA

That is what I discovered the difference between an Urban Fantasy with romance/sex and a true Paranormal Romance. The PR has to have a Happily Ever After. In Arcanum Faire, I just make sure that multiple characters get their Happy Endings. Not in enough graphic detail for some, too much for others. The same hit and miss with power tool content, horrific images, and Eleazar’s humor.

I’d like to think I give all my readers a little bit of something besides a frisson of disgust.

As of March 26th, I am giving you “Power Tools in the Sacred Grove” on the cheap. Following the example of the first book of the series, ebook two will be available for 99 cents until March 29th. At that point, it will go up to $1.99 and then go up to full price on April 2.

If you enjoyed the first book, this will give you a chance to continue the series. If you didn’t like the book, I don’t know what to say.

Be safe and sequestered out there.


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