When the Plants Start Screaming, It’s Time to Call Lunch.

Sunday morning, while the sun was still shining on Kit’s garden, she opted to do some weeding and transplanting while I stayed in to red-pencil my latest big manuscript.

There is a woody lavender in the center of the rock garden that did not come back after a very hard winter. Assuming it was dead, Kit began to dig it up. When she thrust the shovel into the ground, there was a high-pitched shriek that startled her away from the shovel and garden.

Assuming the scream to be an indication that maybe the plant was not completely dead, Kit removed the shovel and tamped down the soil.

My theory is that Kit bisected one of the ground squirrels that had been eating the lavender’s roots instead of the dormant plant shriek like a mandrake being pulled from the ground, but either way it was a good way to signal a break for lunch.


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