Because I Took Crap from Everyone…

Fellow writers, we all get this question:

“Where do you get your ideas?”

There’s all sorts of deep and shallow responses to that one, but I have an entertaining answer for my first novel “Camp Arcanum.”

“Because I used to take crap from everyone.”

For about a year, I worked in an EPA licensed lab that tested drinking and waste water for municipalities and facilities all around the state of Ohio. At least once a week, I would get a white plastic bottle filled with unprocessed sewage labeled: “City of Arcanum, Darke County.” Now, with a name like that, you have to expect something weird going on under the surface. That concept fermented in the back of my brain over the years until I came up with my version of Arcanum populated with witches, Qlipphotic demons and a university with a Bindings and Summonings classroom in its basement.

See, sometimes all an idea needs is a steady supply of organic fertilizer to grow.


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