I Am Now Intercontinental

Like a Titan missile or some similar Weapon of Mass Destruction, I am now Intercontinental. My good friend in Perth WA Hilary Callaghan nee Radowick bought my novel Camp Arcanum, read it and then donated it to the Victoria Park library in my name. Now, denizens of that Perth suburb can check out Camp Arcanum and see that Arcanum Ohio, with its tree spirits, Qliphotic demons and undead skinless squirrels and bunnies, has metaphysical fauna just as spectacular as Australia’s. Thank you, Hilary!

In a related vein, I was recently solicited to purchase an online seminar on how to promote my work without whining, begging or stealing. The point is, there is NO way for an independent author to promote without begging or looking pathetic, so here it comes. If you have bought or read Camp Arcanum already, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and assorted other internal organs. Now, I fervently request that, where possible, you would post reviews on the web. Amazon, Goodreads or Library Thing are the highest profile sites, but personal book review blogs are always nice. This will allow me to increase my book’s profile, reach more people and convince my publisher to consider the sequel. Again, many thanks and watch out for the reanimated roadkill.


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  1. Hilary

    Actually, Camp Arcanum is available within the entire state of Western Australia–ex libris Victoria Park. The local newspaper will get a review and the prestigious Perth Writer’s Festival will get a chance to fly you in for the 2015 festival (combine this with Adelaide’s Writer’s Festival and you could call it a BOOK TOUR!) Make sure your passport is in order and leave all bunnies–skinless or otherwise–at home. The critters are a sore point here in OZ.

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