My Camp Arcanum Soundtrack

A few other authors have posted the soundtracks they used for writing their books. Since Camp Arcanum started out as a screenplay-that-wouldn’t-die-or-at-least-stop, I felt a soundtrack would be called for. Years ago, while it was still in process of conversion from screenplay to novel, it created a playlist on my iPod for this. An hour or two of themed music is inspirational, it helps to maintain the early levels of excitement. Also, some of these songs actually figure in the plot of the book. This list was the soundtrack for our book release party at Milennicon, besides. Here is a partial list, with notes

The Bee and the Bird

This was a strange one, released after I had already completed the first draft of the story, but still somehow echoing my heroine Brenwyn’s words and attitudes.

The Fixer
Pearl Jam

This also came out after I had written Marc, the ultimate tool-guy and fixer. Though it does not give me the same feeling of emotion resonance for the character that “Witch” does, it is nice to have a theme song for the hero too.

All Soul’s Night
Lorena McKennit

A no-brainer here, naked pagan rituals around a bonfire, what else could you choose?

It’s Cool to Be A Witch

I used a snippet of this for a public display of Wiccan Karaoke, but I never could get clearance for it. I had to use something of my own finally.

Boiled in Lead

Rowdy, raunchy Celtic Punk with Russian influences. My Ren Faire libertine Eleazar cranks up this song when trying to mask his thoughts from a telepathic witch.

Farewell to Tarawathie
Judy Collins

Can’t say too much about this one in the story: spoilers. I used the Judy Collins version which included whale song at first. I need to find a cleaner version, the whales became intrusive and gimmicky after a while.

Jethro Tull

When the men of Camp Arcanum are face with an invisible remnant from the time before Creation, what better music than a song about Fear Incarnate?


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