Author’s Day

Most people who want to write or paint or act or make horrifying rubber monsters have a day job. It’s a fact of life for those who like to continue eating and excreting on a regular basis.

In the past I have not been in love with my day job, mainly for the reason it is keeping me from doing the fun stuff and my bosses don’t want to treat me like the special little snowflake that I am. I’ve grown up some in the last couple of decades and now do my job without grumbling and even a certain sense of pride. But I always figured that my day job and my creative endeavors were going to stay separate, disinterested in each other like two predators staying just out of scent of each other to avoid the need to fight. Then came yesterday.

Yesterday was the official release of my novel “Camp Arcanum”, for those who have not been following the yammering. I spent the morning posting press releases and similar promotional things. Kit took me out for “lunch” and I found myself at the office. My lingering suspicions that my co-workers were indeed planning something bore out.

Getting up to my floor, we discovered that my supervisor and my team had signed out a conference room and had decorated it with “Meet the Author” posters and “Camp Arcanum” on the white board. There was punch and cupcakes and a cake with candy handlebar mustaches and Peeps bunnies done up to look the undead bunnies of my book.

For two hours, I did a full meet and greet with my team, who all dressed in black like an author for solidarity, my supervisors and many of the staff that I never thought would even care. Most were pleased and supportive and even confessed their secret desire to write a book of their own some day.

My “Author’s Day”, when my first real novel was published, was a true surprise and a pleasure thanks to my family and my team at work.

Author day cake


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