Afternoon at Cup of Joe

Yesterday, I went to catch a movie with my friend Sheldon. It was the 300 sequel: we could agree that as far as theme, characterization and narrative it was better than “Sucker Punch”, but that beyond that there was little hope.

As is our habit, we caught a cup a coffee/green tea at the coffeehouse around the corner and talked writer stuff. While we talked, I heard the barista tell one of her customers that “this was a white hot chocolate.”

I wondered if she meant it was a white hot chocolate or a white-hot chocolate and would the latter be useful for cutting steel?

Once Sheldon and I finished our chat, I checked with the barista (coffeenista?) if it would be all right if I left some of my post cards for “Camp Arcanum” at the front door with the other promotional materials? She was encouraging and confessed that she was a writer too, though she wasn’t working on anything currently.

This I should have expected: usually this coffeehouse near campus is filled with people either doing their homework, or working on their next novel; the Columbus Creative Cooperative has their latest anthology at the counter for sale; I think even the espresso machine has a play its working on. Very safe place for writers.

Speaking of writers and promotion, today is the day the “Camp Arcanum” is officially released. It is available through the Post Mortem Press website, Amazon and B&N on-line. links attached below.


Barnes & Noble:


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