#astoryaweek week 9 tally

So busy in promotion for Camp Arcanum and trying to finish my next book before this one comes out and assisting with The Alley. I was able to churn out a hundred word flash about the importance of word choice. It still feels a little bit like a cheat, but I’ll take it.

week 1: Tunnel Vision app. 450 words

week 2: Nightmare on a String
app. 1850 words

week 3: Ding Dong app. 275 words

week 4: Fly app. 480 words

week 5: abject failure and the lamentation of broken souls

week 6: Many Returns app. 400 words

week 7: Green Day
app. 1000 words

week 8: Faerie Story app. 1000 words

week 9: Deadly Preposition app. 100 words

running total app. 5555 words


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