Breakfast at Camp Arcanum

It is now only twenty-five days until the release of “Camp Arcanum”, a comedic odyssey of my hero’s battle with deadlines and the supernatural in the construction of a renaissance faire. To whet your appetites, I give a short abridged excerpt:

Marc stepped out of his trailer and raised his coffee cup to Michael and Eleazar, who sat on the picnic table. He marveled at the end of the rain and the red-clouded morning sky. This was the beginning of a warm Indian summer day.
“It’s miraculous,” Eleazar called out. “We thwart the evil sorcerer’s intentions for one night and the rain withdraws. You’ve broken the curse, milord.”
Eleazar sounded very pleased with the results of Operation Elfin Magic. Marc was just happy that the sheriff hadn’t been on their doorsteps when they awoke this morning.
“It’s a high-pressure system out of Wisconsin,” Michael countered.
“You simply love to suck all the romance out of life.” Eleazar didn’t seem to have the energy to put his heart into the argument. They were all a little short on sleep.
“Occam’s Razor, my friend,” Michael stated. “The simplest explanation that fits all the facts should always be the truth.”
Marc strolled over to join the debate.
“And how do you explain witches, demons, and undead, skinless bunnies?” he asked.
“Simple,” Michael said. “We’re living in the scariest place on Earth.”
Eleazar raised his coffee mug.
“Hear, hear!”
Marc and Eleazar clinked mugs in a light-hearted salute.
“I’ll drink to that,” Marc replied.
The three took a brief moment to enjoy their coffee and the morning sun.

“Camp Arcanum”, an occult comedy about sex magick, and power tools, will be released by Post Mortem Press on March 18th. You may pre-order a copy or purchase an eBook now at their website:


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