A good morning

Woke up this morning to get the email that the Big Name Author who used to be in my writer’s group was able to give me a short blurb. I then emailed and IMed said blurb to my publisher, who eventually responded with a huge smily face.

On top of that, in my morning shower and on the drive into work the little light bulb came on twice, illuminating valuable plotpoints for my next two novels in progress. It’s amazing how well your mind works when you are hopeful and validated.

Getting back to the dirt-under-the-fingernails business of writer’s self-promotion, “Camp Arcanum” is now available for pre-order or immediate e-book order through Post Mortem Press. Just follow the bouncing hyperlink: http://t.co/3S9LgTCf3K

It’s an occult comedy about sex, magick and power tools. Everybody should buy a copy, unless you are offended by that sort of thing. In that case, buy two and burn them.


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