#astoryaweek tally week 7

More winter plague, more winter weather and the Third Annual Wedding Fashion Show at our vintage & costume store, and still finished a story this week. My wife pointed out that it wasn’t horrific at all. It was a scifi story I had in my head for a few years and I finally hunkered down and finished it, which is the whole point of a writing challenge like this. You can’t keep writing the same story over and over again. Unless you’re James Patterson, Clive Cussler or Tom Clancy and you want to make millions selling highly predictable corporate-brand novels. Wait a minute, maybe I do want that…

week 1: Tunnel Vision app. 450 words

week 2: Nightmare on a String
app. 1850 words

week 3: Ding Dong app. 275 words

week 4: Fly app. 480 words

week 5: abject failure and the lamentation of broken souls

week 6: Many Returns app. 400 words

week 7: Green Day
app. 1000 words

running total app. 4455 words


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