#storyaweek tally week 6

I had hoped to catch up this week with two stories, but fell short.  More White Fluffy Death and organizing and modeling in the Steampunk Fashion Show by The Alley Vintage & Costume today.  I wore black and carried a gun axe and a serpent cane.  Big departure for me, you know.

Anyway, here is the tally.  I have already picked up an unfinished fragment to complete this week.  Maybe, I can catch up with that flash this week…


week  1: Tunnel Vision                                                     app. 450 words

week  2: Nightmare on a String                                     app. 1850 words

week  3: Ding Dong                                                          app. 275 words

week  4: Fly                                                                        app. 480 words

week  5:                 abject failure and the lamentation of broken souls

week  6: Many Returns                                                    app. 400 words

running total                  app. 3455 words


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