It’s all become incredibly real…

“Have I mentioned I have a book coming out?”

I say this every other day in my normal job’s daily huddle.  It has become a punch line that keeps getting funnier since I first announced my contract at the end of last August.  My First Novel has become something more than a holding pattern and a promise this last Tuesday.

I got the first round of edits completed from the editor and found only a handful of content changes to be made.  98 per cent of the mark up was commas, quotes, and formatting.  I grew up sloppily following White & Strunk; Post Mortem Press adheres to Chicago Style Manual.

They’re paying for my book. They win.

The publisher and I had a short back and forth via Facebook messaging on the cover design.  Won’t go into details for fear of spoiling things, but there is one object on the cover where there would be three in the actual story.  The publisher said that would make things too crowded.  I agreed saying: “This is storytelling, not accounting.  We can owe the readers the other two (cool things) inside the book.”

See, in spite of everything a certain theater group says, I can work and play well with others.

I have a manuscript.  I have a book cover.  I have a release event at Millenicon the weekend of March 14th.

I b an Author!  How the Hell did that happen?

BTW, authors engage in ruthless self-promotion.  Here it goes:

“Camp Arcanum” is an occult comedy about magick, sex, and power tools.  Marc Sindri, a contractor with a bad history with crazy people who believe in magick, is sent to Arcanum Ohio to build a renaissance faire. He finds a small town hip deep in witches, demons and reanimated roadkill.  To thwart his deadlines even further, he gets caught in a triangle between Brenwyn, the head of the local Wiccan coven, and her ex Jeremiah Stone, associate professor of demonology at Arcanum University.

Keep coming back for more details on this funny/scary story that has noting to do with my own past love life.



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  1. Diana

    I am so looking forward to reading your book! Congrats!!!

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