The Glory of Zombie Christmas

It started out simply.  A kitschy Christmas decoration, a couple of Dickensian characters in a snow covered gazebo, got broken.  The leg and arm was snapped clean off and fragmented so normal repairs were out of the question.  I put bloody stumps on the broken limbs and painted the companion in greens and greys with scarlet blood-spatter to turn it into a zombie.

Zombie Christmas

The little feeding scene was so successful that we went on to transform other figures: zombie carolers, zombie children tearing apart the human hidden inside a snowman, a zombie farmwife with a bucket of body parts feeding zombie farm animals.  The landscape of ceramic churches and houses was overrun with green-grey undead and the bleeding remains of the living.  Undead ice skaters gather around the shattered torso of a frozen dinner.  A human child sits on the lap of Zombie Santa Claus; a live elf with an ax is coming up behind them to cut things short.  A bough bedecked cart filled with humans is driven by zombies and pulled by undead horses.  We call that “Meals on Wheels.”

Meals on Wheels

Yes, it’s sick and twisted, but it reflects us.  To see more, check out the link:


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