Busy Christmas Literary Gnome

I have been very busy in literary pursuits this last week.  Post Mortem Press has firmed up their 2014 publication calendar enough to give me a mid March release date for “Camp Arcanum”, my first novel.  We are already making arrangements for a kick-off room party at Millenicon which has become our “home” con.  Kit has forbidden my making a cake shaped like an undead skinless bunny, so I’ll have to come up with something else that relates to the story.  There will most likely be a release party at The Alley Vintage & Costume the next weekend: more refreshments and the opportunity to hobnob with the author.  Perhaps I’ll wear my steampunk books so it can be a hobnail hobnob.

Christmas Eve another one of my flash fiction pieces will be featured on The Wicked Library podcast.  I will provide a direct link to that when it becomes available.

I will soon have word on two submissions: “44 Lies by 22 Authors” from Post Mortem press and the Christmas Horror Flash contest with Apex Publications.  Both are Flash Fiction but great fun to write and then contemplate dreams of micro-fame.

Lastly, the screenplay I had written quite some time ago is moving forward in pre-production, though whether it walks, crawls or makes embarrassing pelvic thrusts, I do not know.  Since this is Hollywood, I will be silent to avoid jinxing things, though I might make several evocative grimaces and gestures.


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