Now, I have a blog…

     I have succumbed to the peer-pressure, hanging around at the coattails of the “cool kids” of the genre literature conventions and wanting to be just like them.  I started out with the usual gateway drug, Facebook, and got hooked.  Things escalated and I got an author page: “Josef Matulich – guy who writes funny/scary stuff.”  Let’s not even touch upon my shameful experimentation with MySpace.  With a free WordPress blog, I am only a few dozen posts away from being caught in a cheap hotel room snorting SEO in the company of an affordable Ukrainian hooker.  Everyone will be so surprised then, but this is as a sure and steady a road to perdition as the southbound on-ramp to I-71. 

     My first novel is still in the pipeline for publication with Post Mortem Press next year.  My first screenplay is still in the hands of the actor who commissioned it as a vanity project.  I’ve been told that feelings of abandonment and malaise are to be expected in pre-production.  So I make the preparations to promote my overnight success some thirty-five years after my first sale to “Science Digest.”


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